What We Do

From "Me" To "We:" Team Coaching & Consulting
Excellence--in anything--never stems from the individual efforts of one but rather the collective efforts of many. That's why team performance drives business performance. Our distinct three step team coaching process helps teams compete at the speed of adaptability and adapt at the speed of learning.

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Behavior Sales Coaching & Training
Sales is more than just a transactional process--it's relationship driven. Improve your sales performance by leveraging neuroscience and behavioral psychology to every interaction.

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Training and Workshops
Looking for a completely different perspective for your team? Let us come to your office and lead a workshop designed just for you.

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What our clients say

“Spencer was consistently a facilitator of healthy, effective communication and clearly worked hard to establish and maintain alignment. He demonstrated an excellent and unique ability to lead a group of strong-willed professionals towards a unified and effective approach.”

Matt Popkes

VP of Strategy, eROI

“I have had plenty of coaches in my life but Jeff is the first one who balances asking questions with simply telling you the truth. Sometimes you need to find your way and sometimes you need a kick in the arse; Jeff can do both. His active listening and empathy never come across as contrived or conflicted. I have reached new heights in my life, personally and professionally, I like to think a good part of that success is due to Jeff Boss.”

Rich B.

Principal, Private Equity & Strategy Consulting

“Spencer is a born leader with an unstoppable passion for self-growth and development. Spencer would be an immense asset to any organization looking for an intelligent and driven leader.”

Zach Zilch

Business Development Leader, Amazon
“Jeff is a true professional and deeply cares about having a positive impact on his client base. As a former Navy SEAL Jeff has specialized knowledge that make him uniquely qualified to coach high performance behavior. In today’s uncertain economic climate, the ability to adapt and embrace change helps to maintain a competitive advantage – and adaptability is something that Jeff teaches quite well.Probably one of the most important attributes that Jeff brings to the table is the experience that he gained while serving our country. He overcame some extraordinarily difficult circumstances that make him well suited to coach high performance into all levels of an organization.Most importantly Jeff has the intrapersonal skills that you look for in a leader. They can’t be taught, and are something that come along once or twice in one’s career. Jeff is truly “one of a kind” and I highly recommend him to any organization looking to develop their decision makers into more impactful leaders.”

Brent H.

Senior Vice President, Johnson Financial Group
“The wisdom of this special ops warrior is incredible. Regardless of your profession, Jeff Boss captures his life lessons from the most elite military training and combat experiences to inform character development and action in our everyday lives.”

Bob Stockman

Chairman & CEO, REVA Inc.

“Spencer Marona is one of the most determined, likable and highly charismatic leaders I have had the privilege of learning from in my career. Not only does Spencer have the knowledge and skills which enable him to be an excellent coach, his love for teaching and motivating the team were evident.”

Tyson Cross

Investment Sales Broker, HFO

“Jeff challenges you to answer tough questions. This self-reflection has been an important exercise to guide me towards a path, which represents the values I would like to display as a manager. It has been great working with Jeff and I would recommend him as a personal development coach and mentor.”

Stavros P.

Post Conflict Reconstruction Specialist

“Spencer is a walking encyclopedia of sales techniques – a master at teaching sales. His coaching sessions were highly impressive.”

Matt Reynolds

Analyst, Hayden Properties

“Spencer is an outstanding leader. His dedication and exceptional work ethic contributed greatly to his ability to lead. Spencer truly cared about his employees: he was open, honest, and readily available for coaching. He demonstrated a perpetual pursuit of knowledge and effectively delivered leadership with confidence, and never with reproach.

I would not hesitate to recommend Spencer for a leadership position in any firm. He is enthusiastic, adaptable, and dedicated to furthering the success of his colleagues and clients wherever that may be.”

Tyler Rose

Associate Director Capital Markets, Marcus & Millichap

“I recruited Spencer at Amazon. I knew early on in the process he held the skills and talents required to succeed and prosper at Amazon. In a very short amount of time, Spencer had taken Automotive & Powersports Category to another level…He is sincere and highly driven. Reach out to me directly as a reference.”

Clint McVey

Corporate Recruiter, PushPay

“Thank you Jeff for your talk and the workshop during Pennsylvania’s 2016 Public Health Preparedness Summit. Your message of survival, overcoming setbacks that could delay success, was inspiring and profound.  The details of your experiences and lessons learned cut across the many disciplines in the room.  Your message isn’t just for returning soldiers of war, but for the businessmen and women, First Responders, Public Health, emergency management and citizens of the world.  Thank you for your service and your insight on how to succeed and grow regardless of the past and any obstacles that lay before us.”

Mercita Clelan

Public Health Executive

“I found tremendous value in Spencer’s insights into our business. He’s clearly a driven and passionate person who works hard to overachieve the aggressive goals he sets for himself. In addition to his business success, Spencer has a great sense of humor and is a great guy to be around. I hope to be able to work directly with Spencer some day.”

John Besteman

Senior Vice President, Wheels Up

“Spencer is in every sense of the word, a go-getter. He trained all of the commercial real estate brokers. He has so much knowledge to share, is extremely personable, and also likeable. It was very easy for someone to be left behind in our company and Spencer never once let that happen. Not only is Spencer completely brilliant, he actually cared. Spencer will always be on my team, and for that, I’m forever grateful.”

Nicole Silverman

Marketing Director, Digital Lizard

“Spencer knows sales inside and out. He helped shape my sales career from the start and helped direct the path for what I am today. His focus is not only in relationships, but finding every different way to skin a cat and what works best for any individual…Any team will find out very quickly just how valuable he is.”


Mario Sanelli

Vice President of Investments, NWHomeseekers

“Jeff was impactful, engaging and real with a laser sharp view of events.”

Marketing Consultant

Marketing Consulting Firm

“Jeff, thank you on behalf of ResMed for engaging with all levels of sales and leadership and for the unbelievably inspirational story you shared with our entire Americas Leadership teams. You taught us the importance of adaptability, to shoot, move and communicate, and by the way everyone is using after action reviews now! Your teaching on egoless leadership is quite certainly backed by your own very humble approach. No one left your talks without being motivated to do more both personally and professionally, you’re an inspiration and an amazing leader. I can’t thank you enough for your time and dedication to our teams.”

Chris G.

VP, ResMed

“Spencer was passionate, diligent, and comprehensive in his approach…I had the opportunity to work with Spencer on a number of engagements and
assignments. All of them resulted in a positive outcome.”

Eric Blohm

Senior Managing Director, Savills Studley

“Selecting the right business coach can be a daunting task to say the least. The key attributes I was looking for in my selection process were primarily built around establishing: trust, relevance and direct impact. After a one-hour consultation with Jeff, it was very clear that all three boxes were checked. Jeff brings a unique approach to business coaching that ties back into his time as an elite operator in the NSWDG. By using very simplistic, but powerful methods to both clear obstacles and overcome business challenges, Jeff has assisted both me and my team in making immediate long term course corrections.”

Robby Keller

Director, Time Warner Communications

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