Our Story

We share a vision for defeating complacency and eliminating challenges most organizations face today with leadership development and communication.

The pace of change today is as fast as it has ever been, but not as fast as it ever will be. To stay relevant amidst consistent chaos, companies must compete at the speed of adaptability, and adapt at the intersection of communication and decision making. We believe the absence of certainty provides the very opportunity to forge it.

Without clarity and communication, gaps arise—gaps in resources, personnel, finance, team morale, and skill development, among countless others. At some point, there are also “gaps” in one or more of the physical, mental, emotional, or social components that drive individual and organizational performance.

Why? Because that's life.

To fill these “gaps” one needs a keen understanding of their particular silo or specialty, and a broad contextual awareness on how individual specialties fit in amongst and across those of the organization. We make this happen.

Chaos Advantage was founded by two individuals who know that team performance drives business performance. Both have experienced the pinnacles of success on different battle grounds. However, the common thread fed by curiosity was the same:

*Clarity on objectives

*Competency with skills

*Confidence in executing

Jeff Boss, MS, ACC, spent 13 years in special operations as a Navy SEAL earning two Purple Hearts and four Bronze Stars with Valor, among other accolades. Following being a member of the SEAL Teams, Jeff added several years of management consulting and executive leadership coaching to his resume.

Spencer Marona is a proven sales leader who has lead and managed teams among some of the largest sales organizations in the world, generating sales in excess of $1 billion during his time. Prior to entering the corporate world, Spencer competed and coached on the collegiate gridiron and participated in five bowl games including a Rose Bowl Championship for the University of Washington.

We Work With...

  • Executive teams
  • Leadership teams
  • Sales teams
  • NCAA & professional athletic teams
  • Business unit teams
  • Project teams
  • Newly formed teams
  • Teams with new members


  • Frequently shift from one situation to another without clear guidance, but need to maintain situational awareness
  • Want to grow their leaders but are tired of the same old off-the-shelf leadership development programs
  • Want to streamline communication across team boundaries but don't know how
  • Aspire to make better decisions faster and with less risk
  • Are tired of wasting time at unproductive meetings
  • Want to take their sales performance to the next level 

To Help Them...

  • Better manage team dynamics
  • Find clarity in goals, roles, norms and communication
  • Align team norms, strategies, and objectives with their company’s objectives
  • Turn unproductive team meetings into meetings that feed curiosity and empower action
  • Enhance team communication and decision making

What Distinguishes Chaos Advantage?

Chaos Advantage is obsessed with delivering value vs. charging a client by the hour (which is a conflict of interest). Our leadership and team development company derives its extensive experience from working in chaos.  

Depending on our client's objectives and upon mutual agreement with the outcomes and value they seek, we conduct a hybrid of assessments, team coaching, leadership training, and cognitive behavior (communication, sales, persuasion) performance workshops globally.

Assessments and leadership workshops conducted by Chaos Advantage are done so as a team. We believe strongly in the power of teams and believe "we" is always more powerful than "me."

Our disciplined and team backgrounds set the bar for the integrity, accountability, transparency, and candor that each client deserves.  



Does This Describe You? Let's Talk

Stefanie Boyer

Dr. Stefanie Boyer is a sales and negotiations coach, with a track record of success helping individuals refine strategy

to improve performance at the company and individual level.

Dr. Stefanie Boyer heads the sales program at Bryant University, a top sales university as recognized by the Sales Education Foundation. Dr. Boyer is the Director of NISC, a highly regarded competition linking together top sales organization with top sales talent and recognized by the popular press, including the Wall Street Journal.

Her training focuses on individual process strategy and adaptability coaching and has been recognized by Forbes for her innovative approach. Dr. Boyer has provided effective sales training in many fields from technology, financial services, energy, sports, medicine, construction, food and beverage, to engineering and power plant design. By following process and using an adaptability approach, Dr. Boyer adds value to organizations looking to build and maintain client base.

Dr. Boyer is published in major research outlets for her work in sales training and innovative research methods. You can see her work in Journal of Business Research, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Journal of Selling, Marketing Management Journal, Journal of Marketing Channels, Journal of Research and Innovative Marketing, International Journal of Education, Training and Development, among others. She regularly presents research and the latest teaching innovations at academic conferences in her field.

Dr. Boyer has won many awards over the years. She has won international teaching competitions among her academic peers, been awarded Innovative teaching awards at her university, been recognized as a creativity fellow for her innovative approach to teaching, the Academy of Marketing Association Sales SIG Teaching Award, and received the Best Sales Teaching Innovation-Method Award through the National Conference of Sales Management twice. She has received several research awards, grants and achievements for her published work. She received the Commissioners Academic medal at University of South Florida, where she threw the Javelin and held the record for 8 years. She is a founding member of the department of homeland security and was named rookie of the year when she was a firefighter.

Spencer Marona

spencer maronaSpencer has nearly 15 years of leadership, management, and executive sales experience. He is a proven sales leader, coach, and trainer who has worked with some of the largest and most reputable sales organizations. As a leader and manager of teams, Spencer has generated over $1 billion in sales volume. 

Spencer will be the first to tell you that if one thinks they are an "expert," complacency has or will set in, followed by chaos. Spencer believes the great separate from the good when a philosophy of adaptable-learning and ongoing development is embraced. 

Prior to Chaos Advantage, Spencer was the managing director at HFO Investment Real Estate, the Pacific Northwest’s leader in multifamily investment property sales. Spencer oversaw the strategy and execution of the firm’s short-and- long term objectives. During his time HFO’s revenue and net profits grew nearly 250%.

Preceding HFO, Spencer managed sales teams for multiple offices at Marcus & Millichap, the largest and most active investment property sales firm in North America, with $37.8 billion in closed transactions in 2015. Spencer was responsible for sales training, recruiting, assisting in procuring new clients, and strategic market deployment of brokers.  

Spencer’s career in commercial real estate began as a broker at Flinn Ferguson Corporate Real Estate, in Seattle, WA, where he trained and worked with some of the top brokers in the country. Spencer’s leadership and track record also opened a door for him to work on a business development team at Amazon.com, earning a top producer award. In less than 18 months Spencer helped scale and lead his sales team from $13 million to over $100 million.

In college Spencer played football for the University of Washington and participated in five bowl games including the 2001 Rose Bowl Championship, He also student-coached with the Huskies under Head Coach, Rick Neuheisel, and the legendary Defensive Line Coach, Randy Hart.

Without question, Spencer's true passion is his family. He and his wife Lisa love the chaos their four children create, especially on the weekends with all of their sporting events.


Jeff Boss

jeff bossJeff Boss is a professionally accredited executive coach, author, speaker and former Navy SEAL who works with leaders and their teams to find clarity in chaos. Prior to founding Chaos Advantage, Jeff was a Navy SEAL at the highest level where, across 8 deployments, his top military awards included: 4 bronze stars with valor, 2 purple hearts, 2 presidential unit citations, and 6 combat action ribbons, among others.

Complementary to leadership and team coaching and consulting, Jeff designs and delivers leadership workshops and seminars. His background in special operations and management consulting bring an unparalleled perspective into high performance at the individual, team, and organizational levels. Specifically, Jeff believes that:

• Team performance drives business performance

• Adaptability is a competitive advantage

• Leading others begins first with leading oneself

A weekly contributor to Forbes, Entrepreneur and the Huffington Post who has been featured by Fox News, ABC, Inc., BBC, Raytheon, Task and Purpose, The Examiner, Talent Culture, The Morning Standard, Business Insider, ExecutiveCoaches.com, CEO.com and more, Jeff is a founding team member of the SEAL Future Fund, a non- profit that integrates former and transitioning SEALS into the business sector. He holds a Bachelor’s of Arts in Spanish from The Ohio State University, a Master’s of Science in Organizational Leadership from Norwich University, and a certificate in Leadership Coaching for Organizational Performance from George Mason University.

Jeff is co-founder of The Adaptability Metric, a proprietary tool that measures individual disposition toward change, as well as a business advisor to a Miami-based tech company, PropelU. He is certified in administering, interpreting, and implementing the Hogan Business Reasoning Inventory (HBRI) as well as the Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQ-I). Finally, Jeff both educates and entertains by way of speaking engagements through the prestigious Harry Walker Agency speaker’s bureau, where previous speeches entailed “Navigating Chaos,” “Driving Change,” and “The SEAL Mindset.”

A busy man, Jeff is the author of two books:

Navigating Chaos: How To Find Certainty In Uncertain Situations 

Managing The Mental Game: How To Think More Effectively, Navigate Uncertainty, And Build Mental Fortitude





Learn more about Jeff on his personal blog here.