Leadership Workshops


What You Can Expect

Workshops help attendees learn the what, why, and how of new operating mechanisms, systems, and processes designed to keep their company competitive. Those who attend will be left with a firm grasp of how relevancy at scale will be enhanced, and the behaviors and actions needed to support this.

The sessions will enhance adoption and uptake of the new systems and processes, thereby increasing the speed and effectiveness of implementation through multiple levels of engagement.

The sessions will be customized for each organization participating to maximize relevance.

Leadership Workshops

Our leadership workshops are designed to achieve your goals. Below are a few of our common leadership workshops. Each one is customized to suit the client's learning objectives and desired business performance results.

Finding Clarity in Chaos

How to Align Your Team For Purpose


Is your team really a team? Or, is it a group of individuals working toward their own goals?

The objective of this workshop is for participants to fully understand the different working and communication styles of their team and to learn how to integrate each toward realizing a shared purpose.

Specifically, you will learn:

  • The essentials of vertical and horizontal alignment and why you need both
  • The 6 components of vertical alignment
  • How to horizontally align your company and create a single organizational rhythm that breeds trust and communication
  • How to create and integrate a shared definition of success across business functions (silos)

Operating Optimally In A Virtual World

How to Optimize Communication & Decision Making for Virtual Teams


In this two-day workshop, we’ll explore the two common challenges that 21st century businesses face and identify how to navigate through them.

Specifically, to operate optimally in a virtual world, organizations need to be clear in their messaging, competent in their communication, confident in their decisions, and curious enough to question the status quo.

In this workshop, participants will:

  • Learn what optimal communication in a virtual world looks like
  • How to tailor their communiques such that the message sent is the message received
  • Learn a simple 3-step decision making process that is both scalable and repeatable
  • Learn best practices for inculcating a culture of learning
  • The 4 types of meetings and how to optimize each one for maximum productivity
  • How to synchronize individual and team efforts strategically toward a shared objective

Behavior Performance Management

Persuasion & Influence: How To "Sell" For The Non-Sales Type


Selling in the corporate world today is more challenging and competitive than ever before.

Communication skills for non-sales teams are critical components for success that most organizations overlook. After all, business is conducted on the strength of relationships, and relationships are built through effective communication.

Optimize how you communicate to build better relationships. Below is a partial list of workshops and programs we customize for each client to enhance their communication:

  • Cognitive Behavior Sales Training
  • The Performance Mindset
  • ESCAPE the Fear of Cold Calling
  • Master the Art of the First Appointment
  • We Love Objections
  • The Secret Language of Business (deciphering body language, NLP)
  • The Art of Persuasion & Influence (for non-sales teams)
  • Presenting the Perfect Proposal
  • Negotiate Like Your Life Depends On It
  • Sales Leadership & Management in the 21st Century
  • No "I" in "TEAM", But There's an "M" & "E"
  • Authenticity Wins