The % Of Employees Who:

Rate Teamwork And Collaboration As “very Important"
Actually Receive Teamwork And Communication Evaluation Reviews
Believe That Lack Of Team Alignment Impacts The Outcome Of The Task
Cite Lack Of Collaboration Or Ineffective Communication For Workplace Failures


What is team coaching?

Team coaching provides real time, direct, and ongoing support to each member of the team in light of the team’s objectives while cultivating an environment of trust and purpose.

What does a team coaching engagement look like?

The minimum that team coaching lasts is 6 months and ranges up to 12 months and beyond. However, many teams want to continue past the 12-month mark because they’ve seen such measurable improvement. Meetings take place in person once a month for a team coaching session

What is a team coaching session?

Each session lasts approximately three to four hours. Anything less than three hours and it’s difficult for deeper conversations to gain momentum; more than four hours and exhaustion sets in. In each session, the coach will focus on the following:

 • Tasks. Is the team making progress toward its stated objective? If not, what is causing derailment? Are roles clearly defined? What are their decision-making boundaries? Clarity of tasks mitigates confusion later. The team coach will help clarify each in support of the team’s mission.

 • Social dynamics. The social exchange between team members plays an extremely critical part in the team’s progress. The coach will look for patterns of behavior that help and hinder team performance.

 • Communication. Oftentimes what goes unspoken is more important than what is spoken. The coach will pay attention to these non-verbal cues for symptoms of unaddressed challenges.

 • Decision making. Do the decisions support the team’s purpose? What causes decisions to stifle? Are decisions clear? Who is accountable for the decision? These are some examples of decision making criteria that separate ordinary from extra-ordinary teams.

 • Emotion. What emotion is being displayed? What emotion is being withheld? Is the team comfortable expressing emotion and able to separate the team’s focus from their focus? A healthy climate breeds healthy work. The team coach will safely unearth the emotion that lies below the surface to take the team to the next level of performance

Will there be communication outside of the monthly session?

Yes. We’ll take advantage of “down time” between team coaching sessions by phone or email to ensure that the next session is on par with expectations.

How much does team coaching cost?

This is a common question and the answer is, it depends on:

  • Scope of work
  • Number of team members
  • Frequency of sessions Rough estimates range between $50,000 and $100,000 for a nine-month engagement. Of course, another question is, What is the cost of not coaching your team toward improved performance?”

What results can I expect?

After the first session and in subsequent sessions, you’ll notice that the team’s focus is heightened as it shifts toward how it (the team) can perform better than it has in the past. The team will be more cognizant of its behaviors and how (of if) they align with and support strategic objectives. The result is a team with greater cohesion, greater shared awareness about social and emotional intelligence, and greater accountability than before.

How is Chaos Advantage different?

Jeff's 13 years in the Navy SEAL Teams and Spencer's five bowl appearances and one Rose Bowl championship offers unprecedented insight into what drives and sustains high performing teams. While the end states for teams on the battlefield and in the boardroom may differ, the means by which they get there are all the same: clarity, competence, confidence, and curiosity.

What’s it like to work with you? Are you going to make me do pushups?

No, not unless you want to. In a nutshell, we are very focused, results oriented, and listen intently. We believe that people prefer not to be pushed but rather pulled into doing things and discovering answers for themselves.