In a world of chaotic, unexpected, and unplanned change, it is the rapid learners and adaptive leaders whose teams' will achieve and maintain a competitive advantage – a Chaos Advantage.

Chaos Advantage: The advantage goes to the organization who embraces uncertainty and turns chaos into opportunity.

We help clients navigate chaos by leveraging organizational curiosity to:

1) Adapt at the speed of learning

2) Move away from "me" and into "we"

3) Help team performance drive better business performance

The pace of change today is as fast as it has ever been, but not as fast as it ever will be. To stay relevant amidst the chaos of today, companies must compete at the speed of adaptability but adapt at the speed of learning.
Jeff Boss, Co-Founder, Author, Forbes Contributor, Former Navy SEAL

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What our clients say

“Spencer was consistently a facilitator of healthy, effective communication and clearly worked hard to establish and maintain alignment. He demonstrated an excellent and unique ability to lead a group of strong-willed professionals towards a unified and effective approach.”

Matt Popkes

VP of Strategy, eROI

“I have had plenty of coaches in my life but Jeff is the first one who balances asking questions with simply telling you the truth. Sometimes you need to find your way and sometimes you need a kick in the arse; Jeff can do both. His active listening and empathy never come across as contrived or conflicted. I have reached new heights in my life, personally and professionally, I like to think a good part of that success is due to Jeff Boss.”

Rich B.

Principal, Private Equity & Strategy Consulting

“Spencer is a born leader with an unstoppable passion for self-growth and development. Spencer would be an immense asset to any organization looking for an intelligent and driven leader.”

Zach Zilch

Business Development Leader, Amazon
“Jeff is a true professional and deeply cares about having a positive impact on his client base. As a former Navy SEAL Jeff has specialized knowledge that make him uniquely qualified to coach high performance behavior. In today’s uncertain economic climate, the ability to adapt and embrace change helps to maintain a competitive advantage – and adaptability is something that Jeff teaches quite well.Probably one of the most important attributes that Jeff brings to the table is the experience that he gained while serving our country. He overcame some extraordinarily difficult circumstances that make him well suited to coach high performance into all levels of an organization.Most importantly Jeff has the intrapersonal skills that you look for in a leader. They can’t be taught, and are something that come along once or twice in one’s career. Jeff is truly “one of a kind” and I highly recommend him to any organization looking to develop their decision makers into more impactful leaders.”

Brent H.

Senior Vice President, Johnson Financial Group

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% of executives who rate learning as important or very important
% of companies who see leadership as important or very important
% of companies who rated themselves as “excellent” at building global leaders
% of employees who believe culture is a competitive advantage

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